Tonia Ransom is the creator and executive producer of NIGHTLIGHT, a horror fiction podcast that features creepy tales written by Black authors and voiced by Black actors. She’s won both an IGNYTE Best Fiction Podcast award and a World Fantasy Award for her work on the show.

Tonia is also the writer, creator, and executive producer of Afflicted, a horror thriller audio drama best described as Lovecraft Country meets True Blood.

She’s also the author of Risen, a horror thriller novella about an atheist who’s murdered only to discover she was wrong about the existence of an afterlife. A necromancer then raises her physical body from the dead, but something’s not right—he should be able to control her fully, and she should be unaware, but she’s conscious of everything happening to her, and starts fighting back against her creator in a bid to find out the truth about what happened to her, and to save her very soul.

Tonia’s work has been published and produced in various print and audio anthologies. She’s also appeared on a number of podcasts as a guest, voice actor, or host. You can view a full list of her podcast appearances on Podchaser.